a fat female genatalia and is probably really big
girl, i dont want your hippo
by brother friend October 17, 2007
your mother
a hippo raped a catholic priest yesterday
by intrnashonalsuperstud July 14, 2008
Word used to indicate complete coolness, nothing cooler.
Damn homie, those ballas were about to shoot us down! You hippo dawg.
a fat chick, that may or may not resemble a cartoon hippo
look at that two legget hippo
by Noriega April 08, 2003
A fat woman. She is called a hippo because her hip is very much in the shape of a large fat O.
"Your mother....no im just joking please dont hit me.....O dear me."
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 27, 2003
A godly pissed of animal. Says STFU like a pro. Member of the animal religion.
"hippo's are godly"

"that hippo totally pwned taht kid!"
by DJD December 20, 2003
North Western England slang term for a Fiat Multipla. It's called that because the nose bit at the front looks like a roll of fat, and hippos have a lot of fat on their bodies.
The old hippos were much better then the new ones.
by Furbybrain January 15, 2006
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