Hot, Irresistable, Perfect Penis,Orgasmic
To Describe The Boy You Find Sexually Attracted To. A Uncommon but Effective Way To Call A Guy
Girl (to Boy): Phwooar You're a HIPPO
by Sofiialinna August 14, 2008
When a girls nipples are pointing in opposite directions, and overall her breast look like two hippos fighting in the mud for a piece of cabbage.
The girl i was with last night took off her shirt, and out popped hippos, and i didn't have a piece of cabbage.
by St. Peter April 07, 2007
A person who dresses a mix of a hippie and a hobo but they aren't poor'
"Look Jake is a hippo."
"Ya, his clothes are always ripped or faded and his hair is long and greasy."
by luluw. October 01, 2011
a fat hipster
He is such a Hippo
by ginger ninja 105 May 25, 2011
Fat whores who don't know when 2 go away. They usually have hunches, large mouths, are pink and hair, and very very fat. Sometimes bile comes out of their vaginas during high peeks of orgasm mmmmmmm.
ew get away from me u fucking hippos
by mintberry Crunch November 15, 2010
An obese hipster (of any gender) trying to squeeze into the restrictive and unforgivingly tight hip articles of clothing, resulting in the uncomfortable spillage of the flesh.
(at a hipster party) oooh, that hip-po is showing too much crack that no-one here would wanna smoke.
by deo ingus February 06, 2010
A human with many chins whos rude nature and selfishness make her wide and hated.
there is a hippo living in my house and i wish she would depart.
by beese June 15, 2006

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