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Another word for hypocrite, as in some douchebong saying for example "You're bothering someone so why do you keep bothering them?" And they end up doing that like 5 seconds later.
Twathead 1: -Plucks someone in the head over and over.
Someone: "Quit it!" D:
Hippo: "Stop hitting that guy!" -While plucking someone else over and over.
by Nobu_Michi June 18, 2010
A slang term for the tendency of groups to pick up or joke about on an individuals minor character trait thereby reinforcing that trait.
The majority of entries on urban dictionary are hippos
by Jobin March 06, 2007
A person who is fat, ugly and stupid, who looks kind of like a hippo, these people are really stupid, demanding and spit a lot when they talk.
My science teacher, Ms. Park is a hippo
by yo mamma December 30, 2004
A person who dresses a mix of a hippie and a hobo but they aren't poor'
"Look Jake is a hippo."
"Ya, his clothes are always ripped or faded and his hair is long and greasy."
by luluw. October 01, 2011
a fat hipster
He is such a Hippo
by ginger ninja 105 May 25, 2011
Fat whores who don't know when 2 go away. They usually have hunches, large mouths, are pink and hair, and very very fat. Sometimes bile comes out of their vaginas during high peeks of orgasm mmmmmmm.
ew get away from me u fucking hippos
by mintberry Crunch November 15, 2010
The deadliest animal in Africa, naturally. But also king of the "watering" hole. Able to rock anyone's boat with the utmost ease, the hippo is at his best underneath his prey and able to take them off guard. With horse like grace in the water, he is not only the best guardian of those around him, but able to obtain any others that are not. He is the second to largest mammal, with equally proportioned members.
Girl 1: That boy is damned sexy, and amazing in bed.

Girl 2: Who you mean Carlos? Yeah he's a hippo.

Girl 1: A hippo??!! I want him now...
by Anna Bennie February 11, 2010