hippo is a nickname you give someone who is a complete hypocrite. they preech to you about something so uncool so intensly, and do that exact uncool thing. this nick works even better if they're starting to grow a double chin
Hey Hippo. How's it hangin?
by SpotMaster April 12, 2007
Hippo.. meaning very fat person that needs to go to the gym more and cut dwn on the mcdonalds.

Most common name.. floyd
Yo floyd.. u shud get dwn to the gym u hippo
by Tosh April 08, 2005
A really epic guy who can paddle like a mother fucker and make you the happiest person ever....a hippo's advice is the most valid advice someone could recieve. Someone that doesnt realize how good of a person he is. Doesnt realize how many people look up to him, and would do anything for him. A best friend, an older brother, life-long friend.
Danny is a hippo!
by Monkey girls January 24, 2009

Hot In Profile Picture Only

When a girl or boy seems attractive in their default profile picture (Myspace, Facebook, etc) but further investigation proves otherwise.
1. Whoa, I thought she was bangin, but she was a HIPPO.
Dude, those HIPPOs be mad tricky.

2. Do you think she's a HIPPO?
Check her other pics man!
I can't, they're blocked!
by Cascade117 December 13, 2010
A fat hippo-like kid who hangs around peoples groups, has no friends, is really nerdy, and crys alot. His only friends do not really like him but they will pretend they do. This kid is a super fag and says gay things like "i kid you not." Any kid called a hippo and denys it is an automatic hippo example; Guys stop calling me a fucking hippo, im not a hippo
Dude, joe is such a fucking hippo
by DONOKIDGHETTOKP October 04, 2008
A slang term for the tendency of groups to pick up or joke about on an individuals minor character trait thereby reinforcing that trait.
The majority of entries on urban dictionary are hippos
by Jobin March 06, 2007
The brothers of ninjas forever.
Hippos can kill anyone they want! Hippos eat people ALL the time and don't even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this hippo who was eating in the forest. And when some squirrel dropped a nut the hippo killed the whole forest. My friend Mark said that he saw a hippo totally uppercut some dog just because the dog opened a window.
by combat_rock May 17, 2004
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