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to speculate from the perspective of a hippie.

A hypothetical situation created from the mindset of a hippie. Often appearing to "Squares" to lack rational judgment, often siting studies and references that don't exist, setting priorities in unrealistic sequence, and having expectations far beyond actual capability, level of dedication, time, money, and/or viability.
Moon Doggy and Grapenut attempted to convince the police officer with a hippiethetical example to explain why not taking them to jail would be all good.

Moon Doggy: If you just let me go it will be all good for both of us because I will fix the bus first thing in the morning, and I will leave town with my friends band and we will drive to Costa Rica and pass out free local fruits and vegetables to the people all the way down and then we are going to stay at a farm down there and start a business educating the locals about organic farming and music and how the two are proven to... (etc. etc. etc.)
by projectile June 11, 2009
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