A non-hippie scumbag who thinks they know everything. Being a hippie is generally about peace and love but they constantly grow angry and are fucking cocks about fat chick with back tits
Dude i was walkin down the street the other day in my new Abercrombie shirt when some hippie-crite runs over to me and starts bitchin about how im a conformist fuck and hes gonna kick my ass. So I pounded his hippiecritical ass into the ground
by jjsupah November 04, 2004
Top Definition
A portmanteau of the words hippie and hypocrite, used to point out typically wealthy liberal elitist persons who preach traditional hippie values such as tolerance, environmental awareness, socialism/liberalism, personal freedom, pacifism, well-being and human empathy, but in practice do the opposite.
There are many hippiecrites in the world who drive their 8 cylinder Land Rovers through the Starbucks drive-thru, waiting in line for 10 minutes for their Soy Mocha Tall Grande Latte while releasing emissions into the ozone layer and wasting fuel unnecessarily reving their engines thinking it will speed up the process, and then ridicule the less fortunate Ford Escort in line in front of them because it occasionally puffs smoke from the tailpipe, and then stop at BK afterwards for a Double Whopper, wolfing half a pound of cow down while smoking a nice cigarette, and then yell a passing obscenity at the driver of an old pickup truck with a National Rifle Association Sticker on it for being a gun toting, psychopathic lunatic and would not even so much as bleed a penny for a good cause or a homeless person, and believe that everyone should live by their rules and be forced to eat only overpriced organic food and drive vehicles less than 5 years old.

Many trustafarians are actually hippiecrites, rich closeted conservative children who want to rebel against their parents who were hard working businesspeople who probably started with nothing and struggled to build a fortune while their brat kid pisses it away on drugs, booze, cars, hookers, and traveling.
by Paco Machado July 10, 2008
Someone who wants you to think they are the epitome of earthy, liberal and a total crunch, but really aren't.
Virginia, you live a block away but drive to school anyways, you're a hippiecrite.
by oronoian December 25, 2010
a person who is a wannabe hippie and is a hypocrite.
"Say Joe, did you talk to Russel today?"
"Yeah Bill, he was being a damn hippiecrite today. He kept saying he was growing out his beard and won't use toilet paper anymore because trees are used to make it. But, I saw him stealing several rolls out of the corporate john!'
by AhMyGoddess June 19, 2005
An individual, typically of the genus "country club soccer mom," who loudly boasts about their environmentally responsible lifestyle such as only shopping organic, lighting their homes with CFLs, and backyard composting yet, drives a HUMMER H2 and only drinks bottled water.
That hippiecrite scolded me for not recycling the paper wrapper I just tossed in the garbage as she headed off in her HUMMER H2 with windows open and air conditioning cranking to go swimming in her heated pool.
by Ocean Rat March 22, 2008
Someone who claims to be pro-environment or pro-mankind until it becomes too expensive or inconvenient.
Al Gore tells all Americans to reduce their carbon footprint while flying a private jet from place to place. His carbon footprint is larger than my whole town's foot print, he is such a hippiecrite.
by WithOneT March 23, 2010
A person who takes on all the outward and social aspects of Hippiedom, without ascribing to core values in any true sense
Clara hangs out with longhairs and smokes weed , but she drives a hummer and only drinks StarBucks. She is such a hippiecrite
by digglar September 16, 2008
Person of "hippie" culture who eats and lives all natural and judges others for eating junk food, but buys Molly and coke from the random, sweaty guy at the club
He's such a hippiecrite, he talks shit about Cheetos but just bought some sketchy Molly from some dude in the bathroom
by Johny's Tsunami December 20, 2015
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