It is quite colorful like a tye dye T-shirt. Yellow for piss, red for cat crap,blue for axle grease, green for roll your own tobacco,purple for the clothes that never get washed just thrown away and get more at a charity store, Orange for the bong water that never gets changed,pink for the food left in the beard and on the dishes, navy for the lice in their dread locks, lime for the vomit in my mouth.
Can't see them Hippies but I know they are here somewhere downwind I smell Hippie Stink.
by BarphN January 13, 2012
Top Definition
Hippie stink refers to the lingering smell of marijuana either from an unknown location or still present on someone's clothing, breath, sweat, etc...
Jeff: where is that hippie stink coming from?
Aaron: probably Brian.

Brian: yeah it's me.. I just choked back a bowl before I came here.

Mother: What is that smell?
Father: it smells like weed
Mother: where is it coming from?
Father: I'm not sure, but it better not be coming from Brian's room.
by The breeze July 12, 2014
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