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The day following move-out day, in areas where most leases expire simultaneously, during which the curb is a treasure trove of discarded items.
Ben: Today I got this couch, a lamp and some old cassette tapes up by the corner.

Jerry: Merry Hippie Christmas!
by kevin j.k. December 17, 2005
When garbage collection days allow for residents to throw away large items one week a year. This week is declared Hippie Christmas because of all of the hippies that recycle the garbage for their own use.
We put all of our old windows to the curb and this guy in a pickup truck came by and took all of them. He said he was going to turn them into a green house!

Merry Hippie Christmas!
by WHillmanson December 15, 2005
Celebrating the winter solstice, by burning the yuletide log then going out for chinese food and a movie.
Brighid and her daughter enjoyed a hippie christmas at the movies, while most people were at christmas church services.
by viki and kayleigh December 17, 2005
the morning after hippies or member of the 60's counter culture have made tie dyed t shirts, candles, or prayer flags
Our neighbors were sharing another hippie christmas on their drive way with 20 of their closest friends unwrapping tie dyed tshirts and prayer flags to dry in the sun.
by dp9 May 08, 2004
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