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A hiphopolist is a person who KNOWS Hip Hop Is Dead! A hiphopolist would agree with Nas and not listen to "rappers'" corny ass rhymes about creating new dances and pretending they're gangsta! Hip Hop is definitely dead and it wont ever come back to life unless Tupac comes back and ends this MADNESS! We'll Hope For That...
Mark - Man, I hate hip hop these days..it's just not the same without Tupac and Biggie.

Chris - Yea I hear that..you know what man?

Mark - What?

Chris - You just became a hiphopolist!

Mark - Yes!! That's what I'm talkin about bro!

Chris - Now all we need is to have all these so called "rappers" see this...

Mark - We'll hope for that...
by Chris Puckett October 31, 2007

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