The hypocrisy that occurs when the public allows a specific race or ethnic background to refer to themselves with degrogatory terms or phrases.
Hip Hop and Rap music frequently references other members of the black race as Niggers. This is unacceptable when crossing racial boundries and illustrates the HipHopcrisy that occurs.
by Brian Euclid September 01, 2008
Top Definition
The ability to call members of one's own race derogatory terms and be free from scorn or any negative connotation.
The lyrics to the song "Where my Niggas at?" by Cassedy, is an example of publicly accepted hiphopcrisy.
by Brian Euclid September 09, 2008
The willingness of society to accept the use of deregoratory terms in the way a race or ethnic background refers to themselves. At the same time scorning the use of these terms when used by members of different races or backgrounds
Numerous rap and hip hop singers use lyrics and phrases that should be considered reprehensible by society. What hiphopcrisy!
by tap snewo September 24, 2008
The rationale that it is ok for a member of one's own race or ethnic background to refer to themselves in otherwise derogatory terms and phrases.
When african american rappers refer to themselves and others of their own race as "niggas" it is considered acceptable by the African American community and by society. THis is a perfect example of hiphopcrisy!

by Brian Euclid September 03, 2008
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