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Hipster who is more into hip-hop (The Cool Kids, Spank Rock, A.T.C.Q) than indie rock/electronica. And who's style is a mix of old school 80's with typical hipster staples. Might be seen skating around with their ironic basketball hat.
"Look at Aaron Lacrate spin those underground French hip-hop records, he's so hip-hopster!"
by TataJuJu February 25, 2008
A person (usually a person of African American descent) who wears oversized reading glasses, gold chains, white tees (or white tees with a design that is reminiscent of Kanye West post-Late Registration era) throwback jackets, tight pants, high top adidas retro shoes, and a baseball cap with a flat brim.
Kanye West occasionally. Jay-Z sometimes. Other hip hopsters include- anyone you see in new york that fits this description
by herbinator August 18, 2009
A new subculture of men or women, altering the typical hip hop attire to appear more contemporary. Tight fitting jeans, wide rim glasses and vintage clothes. Urban fashion with a hipster twist.
Ray, "What's with all the hip hop celebrities wearing tight pants?"

Marc, "Their Hip Hopsters!"
by Creativext May 17, 2014
A person who always feels that they are on the cutting edge (eg- not yet released) of hip hop music. Like a hipster, but for hip hop. This includes rap, R&B, and hip hop. This person usually feels like they're better than most music listeners, even though they usually like crappy music (there is a reason it isn't popular).
A- Did you hear about B telling me about the new Chris Brown music?
C- Yeah, and it sounds terrible. He's such a hiphopster.
by TWayney November 14, 2011
A person who wears premium denim and supports streetwear fashion without overdoing it with bright colors and gay fashion trends. See brands like Orisue, The Hundreds, DTA, Crooks and Castles, Nudies, Comune, ImKING, Mishka, and Sperry's.
Jesse Rico is a hiphopster.
by WOWYOUWOULD September 14, 2010
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