A word first mentioned by Binary Star as popular hip-hop music. Namely, Mtv rap songs such as anything produced by Puff Daddy since biggies demise, Ja Rule, 50cent, Eminem, etc...
50cent is a manufactured rapper, complete with his own clothing-line. He is the definition of hip-pop.
by rasul July 06, 2004
Music rappers call "hip hop" when it sounds like pop music (intoxicating beats to lyircs nobody actually listens to)

This can mean a beat that sounds like Britney Spears or a pussy/money song with a nice beat but doesn't use more than 50 different words.

Some Hip Pop artists are:

Soulja Boy
Yin Yang Twins
Lil' Wayne
Flo Rida
Foxx and Webbie
Hip Pop Fan: Did you hear that new Yin Yang Twins song, 'Drop'? It's so mothafuckin raw!

Hip Hop Fan: Yeah, the beat sounded just like 'FeedBack', by world-famous pop music star Janet Jackson, who's been making pop music for the past 2 decades, so I turned it off. What's it about, anyway?

Hip Pop Fan:.......
by Magic Jesus November 16, 2008
People who think that they can rap to Hip-Hop beats but are all Pop Stars. see nelly, justin timberlake or Ja Rule
Did you know Ja Rule is Hip-Pop?
by Sklar June 02, 2003
Not so "hardcore" rap with hip-hop beats, but a softer vibe.
1. Nelly
2. Ja Rule
3. P. Diddy
4. Fabolous
by Me January 16, 2004
Whatever so called "rap" you hear on the radio that repeats its self 20 seconds each day. Something that little kids like but dont know what real rap is because they were born around 2002, and not born in the 90's like I was, but unfortunatley Im still growing up in this generation. But not everything on the radio is bad, just most of the Hip Pop I hear all the time.

Hip Pop Artists include:

Lil Wayne

Soulja Boy

Flo Rida


Ja Rule (used to be a Hip Pop artist but hasnt made an album since 2004 because 50 cent ruined his career)


Rick Ross

DJ Khaled


Kanye West (He used to be real until 808's and Heartbreak came out, started to use autotune, come on Kanye your too good for that piece of shit.)

Kid Cudi

Ace Hood

(I cant say Akon or T-Pain because theyre R&B not Rap)
9 year old: Flo Rida is the truth (tries to act gangster)

Me: Look Flo Rida is what we call, Hip Pop, not real Hip Hop, like Nas said, Hip Hop is dead, and now is being replaced with Hip Pop. Hip Pop is like a mix of Pop and Rap. Listen to real Hip Hop like Immortal Technique, Eminem, Nas, 2Pac, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, KRS-One, Kanye West before he put out the 808's and Heartbreak album, Mos Def, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Eazy E, Dr. Dre, and E-40 (from the 90's).

9 year old: Ok I'll go try those out.
by Who Else Do You Think It Is? July 24, 2009
Hip Hop music that crosses over to Top-40 Pop Charts.
This Top 40 station plays, pop, hip hop, rock, and hip-pop.
by Mike Dizzled June 30, 2004
Hip-pop is a movement in hip-hop that killed mainstream hip-hop violently in about 2005 and has been raping it continuously for four years. Personally it fucking disgusts me to see anyone listening to any of these dipshits usually from the South and thinking their hardcore motherfuckers. If you enjoy this music you are either:
a.) a fucking dipshit
b.) a huge clone
c.) an Mtv clone akin to some pop punk "emo" kid
d.) A thirteen year old bitch living in the suburbs
The so-called "artists" include
T-Pain, Lil wayne, Soulja Boy, Arab, Hurrican Chris, Akon, Plies, Flo Rida, Rick Ross etc.
If you are mad about this because they admire this music, fuck you. You are a fucking idiot who follows any trend like a fucking sheep. You deserve to get raped harder than rap is currently getting gangbanged. I hope that Mtv can get over these false musicians who do not have any artistic talent but rely on someone like Timbaland to make a simple 1-2 beat and a couple electronic sound effects and feature an already famous hip-pop musician so that they can make a hit, come out with two albums and then fade from our ADD-like culture rich and gettin' pussy.

If you happen to have half a brain, please, i beg you, do not buy into this and leave the flock of sheep, find your own brand of music that you like, and pull up your fucking pants, you live in the suburbs.
Idiot#1: I love Soulja Boy, he is real hip-hop
Idiot#2: I know, I love hardcore rap so much!!!
Me: You are fucking dipshits, clones, sheep, and are collectively dumber than Sarah Palin fans!!!
Idiots: Why?
Me: Soulja boy is hip-pop. Not only did he kill any chances for a revival of actual hip-hop, he is currently enjoying raping hip-hop, because of this he will go to hell and his punishment will be tortured as described in the Wu-Tang song Method Man.
by The Little Intellectual June 02, 2009

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