Music that some "hip hop" artists those songs directed at girls or the rapper himself/herself does not show that they are good lyricist but somehow a favorite at the club, maybe its catchy and can be listened by those "white folk" that say "I like hip hop, I listen to" so and so but they have no idea about the hip hop culture. I think those artists cannot be looked as one who wins battles or is very influential. I think 50 cent and Eminem are becoming a trend but if you listen to their other tracks on their albums or mixtape sh*t they show their skills(I think Em is a very talented becuz of his "Big Daddy Kane sh_t" he makes words you wonteven condsider to rhyme and makes it work. He uses his prononciation to the fullest) not like other artists, who i think are like hip hop knock-offs. No skills...check. Known to just about everyone...check. Soft...check!
Girl 1- (at the club)hey girl, this is MY song! Lets go dance, come on.
Girl 2- NO! whatever its my song.
(the girls dont walk, they run to the dance floor and shake their little pancakes)
Such artists as Nelly,Ja rule...etc.
by hiphopsmyreligion August 01, 2005
Top Definition
Ja Rule
Puff Daddy
Lil Bow Wow

In other words half-assed "rappers" who claim that they are the shit when the only people that should be receiving credit for their music are the producers. Since they are the ones that create the beats, it doesn't really matter about the music. Any ass clown can get a bomb ass producer and rap about bullshit and make millions of dollars. A prime example is anything off Nelly's latest album or that milkshake song that is on the air right now.

Hip pop artist lyrics mostly include the following topics:

1. Sippin' Cristal Champagne
2. Rollin' in Escalades, Navigators, or other over-priced SUV's.
3. Talkin' about DUB rims or Spinners.
4. Lame ass choruses that includes 20 other rappers singing along from their mediocre label.
5. Talking about how hard the "gang" life was when they were raised in a suburb, not the hood (See Ja Rule).

Hip Pop is bullshit people, it's a marketing tactic that brainwashes the minds of the youth of America into thinking that these lame ass rappers do have good lyrics. If you want good lyrics go listen to the real hip hop:
KRS-One, Mos Def, Gangstarr, Rakim, and Common. Just to name a few.
Most of the so-called "rap" that you hear on the radio is hip pop. What you see on MTV, that's hip pop.
by Bert0 January 01, 2004
Every video and record you hear and see today. Real Hip HOP artists don't get their records played on the radio every 20 seconds. If an artist is rappin' about being a pimp, clothes, hoes and rims, he is HIP POP. Old school HIP HOP was about the knowledge. Knowledge apparently doesn't sell records anymore.
Every video and record you hear and see today. Hip HOP has been dead for a very long time. So has Rap.

Hip Pop Jay Z
by slave to the record industry April 01, 2004
(n) (1) a popular type of rap music that features bubblegum beats and fake rappers sometimes singing alongside female singers such as J-Lo or Ashanti.
(2)hip-hop songs that reach the top 40, are incredibly overplayed, and are made by manufactured, fake rappers
Nelly, Ja Rule, Petey Pablo, NORE, and sometimes 50 Cent and Eminem produce crappy hip-pop
by Jam Master J April 18, 2005
the highjacking of a cultural movement to create fast cash by marketing and signing talentless artists who release music of this genre
If it plays in the background at McStarPizzaHutbucksKFC its hip pop
by realist April 23, 2003
Everything you hear on KISS FM and WKTU in NYC.
Jay Z
50 Cent
by slave to the record industry April 01, 2004
Also refers to the fusion of R&B/soul music with pop music and rap beats; soulless R&B with pop music sensibilites and rap music beats.

i.e. Mariah Carey, Ashanti, Beyonce, Ciara, Usher, Mario
Ciara does not make R&B music, she does hip pop.
by T.A.K. February 10, 2006
1.crap "rappers"(eg. Ja Rule) who do dumb duets with laydees(eg. Ashanti) and create absolute crap(eg. Mesmorise)
3.seewordja ruleword
Daym that man was dancin hip pop last night
by Brad July 07, 2003

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