any cuss word could be this word. use your imagination.
"you're a hip!" "hip off" "mother hipper!"
by 6607 April 11, 2008
to be with what is cool
(Not an incompetent asshole who bugs the crap out of me)
My Disco Partener is not hip.
by The Mole December 05, 2003
"Hip" or "The Hip" is a term used in snowboarding/skiing referring to a large quarter pipe style jump built with the ramp side on the front (facing up the hill) and the landing on either the right or left side, so that you hit the ramp, air strait up and land on side of the jump.
That dude was shreddin the gnar nasty on the big hip today, threw a 20ft double rodeo 9.
by Zazzalak March 29, 2010
Another word for cell phone, pager, two-way device, basically any hand held communication device.
"Hit me up on the hip, when you are ready to be picked up"
by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
someone who doesn't piss me off
my hero or my sex slave
by The Mole December 05, 2003
Mikayla is the hippest person around. No one can be hipper that Mikayla. SHe is the best! There is no one like her! She is one of a kind!
Mikayla is so hip that she got glow sticks and 80's music for Christmas.
by Mikayla's #1 fan December 16, 2005

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