When used ironically, used by young artists (teens-30) to refer to work that will convince 30-40 year old money people that it will appeal to young people; not necessarily what the young artist or his/her young audience wants, but what the money people feel they should want.
"How's the mural on the coffeehouse wall coming?"
"The backer drove in from the suburbs and said it wasn't hip enough, so now I've got to put in a bunch of oldstyle stuff so he'll think it'll appeal to young people."

The band is young, intellectual, and hip=a 40-year-old rock critic can't fit into their jeans, but gets their inside jokes, and would have loved them when he was twenty.

Publisher (who is fifty) to a roomful of 20 year old writers and editors: we've got to remake the mag into something hip that will appeal to 20 somethings. Writer (after he goes): So is hip the new lame? Editor: No, hip is what we'd like if we liked what he'd like us to like.
by old lang guy August 27, 2010
Is a profound colloquialism that expresses an abstract truth.
This is hip.

What is hip?

Are you hip?
by Musicforspeeding April 10, 2007
Also known as the Hip Bone and Pelvis. This Hip is located at the end of the spine, and acts as the socket for both legs. Females have wider, shallower hips, to support pregnancy.
In football, the players are required to wear hip pads to soften the fall when they land or get hit on their side.

My Girlfriend has bony hips.
by Scott Conway August 08, 2006
High In Public, blazed outside, or otherwise inebriated outside the privacy of your own home.
I was so hip last night.
by Duke Reuben February 19, 2009
Hyper Individual People

'cool' people; people who don't follow mainstream rules of behavior, dresscodes or music; ppl who find their own way; trendsetters or pioneers
That scene is really hip!
by hasslecat July 20, 2006
Acronym. Homosexual in plain sight: used in lieu of "homo" in the military due to the repeal of DADT.
Yo, man. Check out those HIPS over there.
by Psycho joe March 26, 2012
comes from the wolof (african tribe) word "to see" or to be englightend.

the history of america
see HIP: the history by: john leland
by neveryoumind February 17, 2005
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