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The symbiotic relationship between a genre of music and a physical environment (or material culture) produced and guided by elite corporate and banking interests.

A racist, collusive strategy permeating ideological free market propaganda.

A monopoly of the means to produce and disseminate popular music coupled with the ability to select and promote artists.

A seducing pattern of hate promotion.

A lubricant of the drug trade.

One facet of a grandiose strategy of racial attack.

The manifestation of a ground level scapegoat.

most rap music
"hip hopoganda"
"Keep it Ghetto"

"Another drug dealer yells over top of the Rolland 808 drum machine. I can't take any more of this hip hopaganda on the radio and in tha club"
#hiphop #hip hop #ghetto #propoganda #racism #elite #monopoly
by hoestompa69 November 18, 2008
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