1. True, when D12 rapper Proof died he took hip hop with him, a lot of people say when 2Pac died he took hip hop with him, but after that artists were still talented after that happened so I dont believe that. But after Proof died so called "artists" like Hurricane Chris and Soulja Boy came in and killed Hip Hop and people stopped making meaningful songs and made songs about dances. Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Flo Rida, and Young Jeezy are all Wanksta's who killed Hip Hop.

2. An Album made by rapper Nas that was also made in 2006, he knows that Hip Hop died in 2006 as well.
1. *The Day of April 11, 2006*

Real Hip Hop Fan: Oh no its April 11, 2006! Proof's gonna die today and soon faggots like Soulja Boy and Hurricane Chris are gonna start their career! Dammit! R.I.P. Hip Hop 1971-2006 and R.I.P. Proof 1973-2006.

2. Hip Hop is Dead was a great album by rap legend Nas.
by Hip Hop Died With Proof September 12, 2009
Top Definition
NAS said this after fuckin songs like Laffy Taffy and A Bay Bay came out and people actually drove around listening to it thinking it was cool! It means REAL MEANINGFUL MUSIC isn't made anymore! I agree with ya NAS!
Laffy Taffy is considered REAL MUSIC and is put into the same category as NAS - ONE MIC..Hip Hop is dead!
by Chris Puckett October 24, 2007
Hip Hop died when rappers stopped saying meaningful things and just started making songs about dances. Most of the "rappers" these days dont talk about real issues in the world, they talk about bitches,money and how they're the best..this shit is RIDICULOUS!
Mark - Yo, You hear that song that kid's listening to?
Chris - Yea, A Bay Bay..
Mark - what happened to Hip Hop?
Chris - Hip Hop is dead Dude!
Mark - Yea..I hear that
by Chris Puckett October 24, 2007
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