Unable to read or get a feel for someone or something.
You're so hinky, I don't know how to take you sometimes.

He's so hinky, I don't know what to make of him.
by UD Contributor October 23, 2009
corrupt or faulty
The PDF would not open for some people because the file was hinky.
by Todd Mattson May 07, 2004
Also spelled Heinke. A family in the town I grew up in. The token hill-billes. Backwards or slow. Dirty as in poor or impoverished. Tattered clothes.Mentally underdeveloped.
A rickety house with trash and junk in the yard might pompt the remark.."Oh, that's hinky."
by aeon422 February 03, 2010
Adjective: To simultaneously act odd, insecure, jumpy, untrusting, and suspicious.
If he's THAT hinky NOW, imagine what he'll be like to work with!
by w5 February 23, 2005
Hinky is short for hinc illae lacrimae.

Etymology: Latin
: hence those tears
The mainframe is hinky today.
by mole June 14, 2004
(Alkaloid slang) Cool in a weird way. Or weird in a cool way. Most scouts pronounce it "hink" and spell it "hinque". If something is superlatively hinque, it is said to be the tontay.
Let's play "hinky chess".
by Brock Guilfoyle January 04, 2006
An olfactory description with regards to the smell of garbage truck juice.

Used by a girlfriend once to describe the smell eminating from my apartment.
"Oh my GOD it smells straight-up HINKY in here!"
by Scoopzilla June 17, 2004

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