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a person from India who makes mad cash or has mad cash but refuses to spend a dime of it
Adi is a Hinjew who returns $3 pencils for $2 pencils, because that $1 means alot to the rich bastard.
by crazy mike April 30, 2004
74 156
Hinjews are 1/2 Indian and 1/2 Jewish. They are extremely cheap, but at the same time they are very intelligent and very good looking.
Ben Srivastava is a Hinjew.
by nirvanarageatm February 18, 2005
328 100
a hindu person who grows up in a very jewish area and due to osmosis absorbs jewish customs and ways of life in essence becoming jewish themselves. however they are still proud hindus, so clearly they are hinjews
Kunal why are you such a hinjew?

Its cuz Im from hewlett man.
by dave March 15, 2005
170 84
A person of half-jew half-hindu descent; that is, someone who always disappoints their mother no matter how many times they reincarnate.
Zeev from the Guild is a hinjew.
by crabbadon February 25, 2011
87 28
a smelly and selfish person
you stupid hinjew you won't share any money and you never shower
by mr pookie July 10, 2008
25 194