The definition of a born again virgin.

Sexuality questionable, needing a reset of sexual preferences.
To be as frustrated as a Hind.
by DanMehigan May 10, 2005
Top Definition
Noun: Plural; multiple female red deers.

Also a lesser known European last name.
I'm proud to be a Hinds!
#name #deer #doe #european #geneology
by safyre_dream August 10, 2009
Introvert , joyful and pretty girl
Hind is so nice nice , i like her butt
#nice #introvert #butt #booty #butt again
by lanceyy July 18, 2014
hind is a word given usually for females but it is also applicable to males ( in extremely rare cases ). a person is called a hind when your pretty sure they are awesome, cool , funny , smart, beautiful . pretty much the whole package

the term was first coined and invented by Dr.tofu patchi who was raise in a house where a girl lived and she was called hind but her evil brother Dr. reem sheikha did not want the term to be universal so he did his best to hide the term from the world until ........... now
' matt that chick is such a hind '
#smart #beautiful #funny #sexy #unique
by chemicalairwave May 24, 2014
Shortened version of the word "behind." Used in slang to describe how you had or will have sex.
"I got some 'hind."
#sex #behind #ass #intercourse #description
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
hopeless case
This bitch is a hind, she'll never change
#hopeless case #bleak #doomed #bitch #rude #psycho
by omawi September 06, 2008
the collest guy ever, h' supurior to every one, give kris hinds a holla "luudakriz" on aim
I love kris hinds, don't you.
by Kris July 16, 2003
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