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Shortened version of the word "behind." Used in slang to describe how you had or will have sex.
"I got some 'hind."
by kyohaku August 06, 2008
20 31
Noun: Plural; multiple female red deers.

Also a lesser known European last name.
I'm proud to be a Hinds!
by safyre_dream August 10, 2009
24 5
hopeless case
This bitch is a hind, she'll never change
by omawi September 06, 2008
22 42
the collest guy ever, h' supurior to every one, give kris hinds a holla "luudakriz" on aim
I love kris hinds, don't you.
by Kris July 16, 2003
10 32
The definition of a born again virgin.

Sexuality questionable, needing a reset of sexual preferences.
To be as frustrated as a Hind.
by DanMehigan May 10, 2005
22 45
Otherwise known as Piii, Hindy, Hindalanassnikasshole etc...'
She is such a great buddy to have- such a funny one too. I think I piss her off a lot though. Sorry for that doodes!
Love lots, Meez (Missyco, Mawie Bee)
Hehehe You're so cute Hindy! Bye doodes :-)
by Meez July 10, 2004
16 47
1337est shit evar, seriously, not even kidding, at all
hind the witch, barbarian...c 'demonfire' you
by hind January 19, 2005
10 48