A lower middle class girl who want to befriend rich girls to get rich boys for marriage. She has no values and is known for stealing men and things and has no dignity and respect, she is selfish but pretends to be a loving soul.
A girl with many facial scars.
I hate her, she slept with my boyfriend. She is a hina.
I dont want to see that Hinas face again.
Hina is so jealous of that rich foreign new chick in our class
by beutylova July 10, 2011
a girl or your girlfriend.
I'm talking to my hina, or who is that hina over there
by erica May 06, 2003
refers to an attractive female; a hot looking chick.
Look at that hina over there, damn!
by shaw27 October 22, 2007
Girl, Girlfriend, 'friends with benefits', things along those lines.
"Don't fuck around with my Hina" (Brad Nowell, SUBLIME)
by Tod Morte September 14, 2006
An all round amazing person, who has the ability to make you feel hot under the collar by simply whispering to you amongst other things :) Truly 1 in a billion, however, lacking in the ability of pronouncing the word "Don't" :P
A person you would want in your life and worth waiting 25 years for.

I want a Hina in my life forever

Where the Hina have you been for 25 years?
by Loser4Geek October 19, 2010
A really awesome, beautiful woman who makes your heart skip a beat when you hear her voice.
Ooh er! look at that Hina, or "really awesome, beautiful woman who makes your heart skip a beat when you hear her voice."
by DudeRx August 29, 2013
the dirtiest dancer you ever had and ever will see. too hot for words.
person 1: woah
person 2: that Hina is great.
by JaykeTheSexGod April 28, 2009

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