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One that is so graceful, elegant, and spectacular while performing various types of dances, that every female claws and scraps at just the chance of being the himmel’s partner. A Himmel displays moves that are so superior no one has ever seen them before. Specialties include the following: fox trot, waltz, jitterbug/swing, and cha cha.
"Owe I want to dance with him, he dancing so well, like a himmel" all the girls kept saying.
by Hammer March 01, 2004
5 9
Himmel is a german word meaning heaven or sky. The word is interchangable.
Der Himmel ist blau.
by Goran Grbic October 05, 2004
36 5
Himmels are an extremely large pair of breasts
Look at dem himmels!
by Knockersss February 24, 2009
6 2
An athletic, smart, smooth, handsome male
Boy that Brad Pitt is such a himmel!
by Hammer February 29, 2004
8 9
One who is so marvelous in both personality and physical appearance that they cause others to shout out in astonishment.
Damn that's a lot of himmel.
by Go54 March 18, 2007
4 6
A nomadic creature who has many homes.
"That guy over there just told me he was from Coldwater, when I know he is from Columbus"

"Oh you didnt know he's a himmel? He is also from Cleveland and Los Angeles."
by rack March 01, 2004
3 9
Verb. Several meanings:
1. To prematurely ejaculate
2. To get caught mastubating, and then say you were "just watching Ed"
3. To stay in on a Saturday night and masturbate over the internet with Craig.
I himmeled all over her face, and she hadn't even touched the dick yet.

Well, his door is locked. He must be in there himmeling.

Where's Aaron? I bet he's at home himmeling his life away.
by Chad February 29, 2004
12 18