One that is so graceful, elegant, and spectacular while performing various types of dances, that every female claws and scraps at just the chance of being the himmel’s partner. A Himmel displays moves that are so superior no one has ever seen them before. Specialties include the following: fox trot, waltz, jitterbug/swing, and cha cha.
"Owe I want to dance with him, he dancing so well, like a himmel" all the girls kept saying.
by Hammer March 01, 2004
Top Definition
Himmel is a german word meaning heaven or sky. The word is interchangable.
Der Himmel ist blau.
by Goran Grbic October 05, 2004
Himmels are an extremely large pair of breasts
Look at dem himmels!
by Knockersss February 24, 2009
One who is so marvelous in both personality and physical appearance that they cause others to shout out in astonishment.
Damn that's a lot of himmel.
by Go54 March 18, 2007
An athletic, smart, smooth, handsome male
Boy that Brad Pitt is such a himmel!
by Hammer February 29, 2004
A nomadic creature who has many homes.
"That guy over there just told me he was from Coldwater, when I know he is from Columbus"

"Oh you didnt know he's a himmel? He is also from Cleveland and Los Angeles."
by rack March 01, 2004
Verb. Several meanings:
1. To prematurely ejaculate
2. To get caught mastubating, and then say you were "just watching Ed"
3. To stay in on a Saturday night and masturbate over the internet with Craig.
I himmeled all over her face, and she hadn't even touched the dick yet.

Well, his door is locked. He must be in there himmeling.

Where's Aaron? I bet he's at home himmeling his life away.
by Chad February 29, 2004
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