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Anime; suffix added to names meaning 'princess'; a loyal subject may address her as 'Hime-sama'.
That is Mononoke-hime
by Myoga1 February 25, 2004
japanese for "princess"; maybe used as suffix or prefix
Hime-sama! (Princess!)

Tsuki-hime (Moon Princess)
by akiha March 14, 2004
When somebody wants to say "Hi" and "I'm home" after a long day and ends up slurring their words to "hime"
A: Hime!
B: Hi, welcome home! :)
by TjNinja1 May 30, 2011
A familiar form of greeting addressed to one's self!
Hime!!! How've I been? Good? Me too!
by POTUS/Coco March 22, 2010