HMS - Hippo Mating School

a fucking stupid school where stereotypes are major and people are skanks. a prison. people look at you weird when you laugh. It's going to be taken over by the hobos of athens (INCLUDING THE MIDGETS)

Teachers include:
Mr. Hasty a.k.a. mary head
Mr. Preston- *cough* aflac *cough*
Ms. Best a.k.a. a messed up drunk slut who is indecent
Mrs. King- a transvestite (need I say more)

The hobos will rule.
HMS panthers suck... u know exactly what they suck too
by Slippery goo named AMANDA January 26, 2004
1 Word related to hilsman middle
1. a secret paralell universe where the outcast have way more fun than the popular people. it is run by a large herd of ducks. It's purpose to torture innocent yout who just want to be left alone.
The ONLY point of going to hilsman middle school is to be with friends.
by Giant Insect Jane (Katie) January 27, 2004
conformity reinged hell hole. pit of doom. metal pointy spikes on the walls waiting to crush you and bleed all over the white concrete walls!
I can't believe i must go to that Hilsman MIddle.
by Hannah January 26, 2004

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