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A business masquerading as a religion, Hillsong Church exploits dim-witted individuals into emptying their pockets through a fear campaign and thoroughly cringeworthy, purpose-built music.

Hillsong is proof that a brain-washing religious propoganda is a damn fine way of making money!

Hillsong has managed to spread its wings much much further than the average unsuspecting citizen realises, evidenced in part by their monopoly over Australian Idol.

Hillsong is scarier than Hitler.

Someone hand that Pastor Brian Houston a butter menthol STAT!

Man hillsong church told me if I didn't hand over my wallet I'd spend eternity eating warm turd sandwiches in the firey depths of hell!! So I gave em my house and car keys as well, just to be on the safe side.
by triggaz November 17, 2007
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