A relationship where a guy and a girl who like each other spend every waking moment together but refuse to admit or agree that they are dating.
Q: I see Dave and Katie* everywhere together... in the library, in the student union, swing dancing... Are those two dating?

A: Maybe, but they won't admit it. Right now they're just Hillsdating. If you see them holding hands that means it's official.

*2 most common names at Hillsdale College.
by _alum_ June 08, 2009
Top Definition
Dating, Hillsdale College style. Which means basically not at all. Among many Hillsdaters there is the belief that it is morally wrong to hold hands before marriage. And kissing? Don't even think about it!
They're a cute couple, but it's too bad they're only hillsdating. Pathetic...
by Someone... May 04, 2007
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