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An impractical joke where a man opens the seam at the bottom of one of the front pockets of a pair of trousers.While freeballing and wearing said trousers and performing some task that occupies both hands,he informs a female friend or coworker that he has some Tootsie Rolls or StarBursts in his pocket and they should feel free to reach in and help themselves.The look on the females face when she discovers the Tootsie Roll has a set of hairy balls attached is priceless .
You should've seen how fast my cousin jerked her hand out of my pocket when I pulled the ole "hillbilly hot pocket" on her.
by wolfbait51 April 02, 2011
The act of spitting tobacco juices and tobacco grounds into a vagina and eating said hotpocket and fucking thouroughly.
Earl"I gave that girl a hillbilly hotpocket...skoal wintergreen is the best for doing such"
by LROY13 and KAR22 April 12, 2010
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