A beautiful ballerina whose friend from New York loves pickels!

*Note:The example for the first definition by Inbaloosh is not correct (she was tired while writing it). Hila does not mean one curses a lot AT anyone, but merely in general.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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a gorgeous, funny girl who is always happy. everyone wants to be her. her smile is always the brightest in the room. she is a very social person. sometimes too social. she is a good friend. she is often very serious though. she can be really flirty too. she is a sexy bitch and is kind of a hidden slut.
i love her she is such a hila!
by bananapower123 November 22, 2011
One who curses way too much
You're such a Hila! Words hurt, you know.
by Inbaloosh May 28, 2003
Short for "hilarious" - one says this only when they are cool enough to pull it off.
Joshua: *Tells funny story*
Joyce: OMG .. that is HILA!!!
by Jadiiee August 28, 2008
seeing,doing,did,or seen something funny,cool. like in dope wise. in short terms its a short cut of hilarious which is also cool.
I saw The Hangover last night & damn it was hila!

Yo my boy rocked that shit last night and it was hila!.
by Niyashin June 16, 2009
A sexy bitch who resides in Toronto, Ontario.
I might go to the Blue Jays game next weekend and look for some Hilas.
by I am in love with Hila April 15, 2005

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