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a gorgeous, funny girl who is always happy. everyone wants to be her. her smile is always the brightest in the room. she is a very social person. sometimes too social. she is a good friend. she is often very serious though. she can be really flirty too. she is a sexy bitch and is kind of a hidden slut.
i love her she is such a hila!
by bananapower123 November 22, 2011
Short for "hilarious" - one says this only when they are cool enough to pull it off.
Joshua: *Tells funny story*
Joyce: OMG .. that is HILA!!!
by Jadiiee August 28, 2008
seeing,doing,did,or seen something funny,cool. like in dope wise. in short terms its a short cut of hilarious which is also cool.
I saw The Hangover last night & damn it was hila!

Yo my boy rocked that shit last night and it was hila!.
by Niyashin June 16, 2009
A girl who cant shut up nor can she stop dancing her tits off. She also can't stop masterbateing. She has curly hair in her ass half the time and sucks at games.
She's such a hila!
by fatman the legend May 18, 2015
A beautiful ballerina whose friend from New York loves pickels!

*Note:The example for the first definition by Inbaloosh is not correct (she was tired while writing it). Hila does not mean one curses a lot AT anyone, but merely in general.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
A sexy bitch who resides in Toronto, Ontario.
I might go to the Blue Jays game next weekend and look for some Hilas.
by I am in love with Hila April 15, 2005
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