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Term used to denote a type of street race that occurs specifically on a long stretch of highway. Generally, this type of race is impromptu, or spur of the moment, and is challenged while moving on the highway. Racers may or may not know one another.

Typically, while driving down the highway, driver 1 pulls in to a left or right position (when highway structure permits)behind the individual he wishes to challenge. Driver 1 then flashes his high beam headlights a number of times to officially challenge driver 2. Driver 2 would accept the challenge by turning on his flashers or hazard lights, or decline the race by applying his brakes, thus activating his vehicle's brake lights and indicating to driver 1 that they decline the challenge.

If the challenge is accepted, driver 1 pulls along side driver 2. A few moments are spent prepping for the race by getting at the proper speed, which is usually determined by driver 2. Driver 1 then holds up a number of fingers to indicate which horn blast the race will begin on (typically 3). Driver 2 would nod in agreement, and driver 1 would then honk his horn the agreed amount (here it's 3). Immediately on the third horn blast both participants mash the throttle and begin the race. The race is determined in a number of ways, though normally it ends when the lead car has held a stong lead of at least 5 car links ahead of his opponent for about 10 to 15 seconds, the lead car pulls ahead and out of view of his opponent, or the trailing car quits. In this race, the lead driver CAN quit and end the race, and such would NOT be considered a loss.

Obviously certain conditions must be observed during these battles. From traffic flow, to weather, to course and surroundings, all things must be considered. Speeds commonly get very high and dangerous, though most races are held honorably, with each driver knowing when to quit.

Historically, these races were popularized in Japan in the late 80's with the advent of the modern Japanese supercars such as the Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline. They are currently very common around Tokyo's super highways such as the Wangan or the Shinanobashi, whose traffic flow late at night and construction make for excellent venue. This kind of racing is gaining popularity in America, specfically late at night on multilane country highways and interstates.

This kind of racing is the primary backdrop in the video game "Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3"
I was on my way home from work when I saw a highway battle between a Plymouth Laser and an early model Nissan 300ZX.
by BoostCreep May 14, 2009
a term for high speed racing on the highway with a highly tuned wrx sti,s2000,twin turbo Rx-7,TT skyline GT-R,TT Supra's and other import or jdm cars to Eat up V8's & spit out fire balls from the exhaust pinning the gas in full force & switching gears
i like when people make fun of honda's or imports and call them "ricers",it makes me feel better that you have nothing and hate on the import scene while your bird brain thinks we copy Fast and the Furious movies,you just another stupid redneck/hick with no money & its easy to tell

a B16 honda engine is able is to hit 300hp with performance engine mods & Hondata S200 tuning,lucky theres no turbo yet to the tune of 500 hp while getting 30 mpg to the tank i'd really fade you out like a sunset,sorry i flew by you in that pos truck of yours in a highway battle,better slow down on the twisties or that thing is going to flip its lid while your stupid ass was thinking it could outhandle mine on your all season tires from wal-mart
by homeboy May 16, 2007
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