highland park is a city just outside the boundaries of Dallas. Most nice houses are in Highland Park, Some nice are in University Park. These places are both considered "the bubble" but we only get the rep from our parents. The kids aren't rich.... Just their parents. The moms are plastic dolls that gossip about eachother any chance they get. The fathers are the main money makers, unless the parents are divoreced (very common). But Kids in Highland Park and University Park aren't rich... just their families. Don't hate game.... hate the player
My dad recently got a job transfer to Malibu, California which is where my family used to live before but we moved to Highland Park when I was 5. Well, we moved there again and my mom had been in "the bubble" so long, it's like she was a gossip holic!! It was so annoying! Then she decided Malibu had changed to much for her so we moved back to Highland Park. Everybody treated me differently after that..... My mom just couldn't stop gossiping. Highland Park is the least diverse place I have ever been. Their school system says "We prepare your children for the real world" but the real world is nothing like the bubble of Highland Park, so heres a message out to all Parkies..... Go out to the real world, look around, come back to Highland Park, and see the difference. Oh..... and I live in Highland Park but I am totally with almost everything the world thinks about it.
by Grace Evanko October 12, 2005
1. The root of all evils
2. The birthplace of parkies
3. The place I'm gonna totally abondon when i hit college
Person from Illinois: Hey, where you going for spring break?

Person from California: Ugh, Highland Park..in Texas

Person from Illinois: HA! That sucks for you! Your totally screwed! Who are you going to go see?

Person from California: I don't know, some freaking parkie fags.

Person from Illinois: HA HA HA! Have fun....

Person from California: Shut up! Its bad already without you commenting on this-
by biteme666 April 20, 2005
ok im not going to say anything but if you wanna "diss" us bite me i could care less cuz your just pissed cuz we are cooler than you yes i am a brat yes i am a prep whatever sure just to get that small god damn whiney voice out of my head! it gives me such a damn headach so you know go whine about whoever is "hot" i guess in your school if anyone is ok just go fuck yourself ok thank you! ugh if i hear this little whiney ugh hp is so rich ew they r such brats bite me just go away we could care less what you think about us cuz of what is it called self confidence i think thats how you spell it o well ill talk to you whiners lata!
i am proud to be a parkie and yall people give me such a headach! ugh! AdViL pLeAsEeEeEeEe!!!!
by nobody cares! November 23, 2004
The hottest place in the world.
Okay all you POOOR PEOPLE hate us bc wre HOT and rich.... like you wiley people. yall are mother fuckers!!! were jsut so freakin rich and we really dont care wat u think bc we have all we want and hell yea we love our bubble so you can kiss my hot ass bc im loving life and HP and yall just cant get over it that were better then you!
Wiley Trash: Damn i hate highland park, there so much richer than us

Tyler Trash: Damnit me too those parkies... too hot and too rich goddamnit!
by HP KICKS ASS BITCH April 29, 2005

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