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some toilet (or town) located in upstate new york
"... once stopped by some toilet, uh, called Highland..."
by beavis and butthead June 18, 2006
19 45
Township in Michigan. Sucks ass. Only has a library.
Goddamnit I wish I was somewhere other than Highland so I had something to do.
by highlandreallyblows February 10, 2009
31 22
22 miles east of houston where STDs and sluts originate. Everyone there has a least 2 kids before they turn 23 years old. No one bothers to get married, leading to multiple baby-mommas and baby-daddies. Population widely consists of high school drop outs that thrive only by selling of drugs and working at near by chemical plants.
After I fucked the hoe in Highlands i got warts on my dick and the bitch is saying the baby is mine.
by funkyfreshhh October 07, 2009
25 20
a girl who is FULL of gossip. she def. knows her shit, shes usually tiny and cute. sometimes reffered to as chipmunk squirrel or turtle. shes totally lovable :)
"did you hear about what happened to paige?"

"yea highland filled me in.."
by amannnndashow May 05, 2009
7 15
Shortened slang for a rehab center in Missouri, normally used among students in middle school or high school. Students in the St. Louis area use this. In middle schools, if a person goes there, they're hardcore.
Dude, Stephanie went to Highland, she's a badass!
by VitaminEnhanced April 25, 2010
2 11
is a metro stop in L.A.
Hey i'll meet you up at highland, bro.
by Roxy42nig August 10, 2008
5 16