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What you all just said!....
omg its so gay yall think were like so stuck up and perfect or whatever. i mean thats like GAYY to think that but we dont really care what you people think b/c we buy our clothes places other than WAL MART!!
by sdfs March 09, 2005

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highland park smu christian parkies republican rich
1) a highschool in highland park
2) a public school where rich white suburban school gather to prepare for their acceptance to SMU
3) the highest concentration of hot blonde girls in skirts on the planet
yeah I go to highland park highschool... I jack off 9 times a day and play football
by d September 14, 2004
1. A place where the most beautiful people live.
2. A place where the most fake, stuck up, and reality-challenged people live.
3. Part of the massive bubble that is HP.
Hannah: OMG Peyton, you are wearing the same Juicy dress as me, I can't talk to you.
Peyton: Ok, I'll go call my mom and change.
by Bubble World February 28, 2005
1) A place containing very hot football players.
2) A place containing unbelievably gorgeous women.
3) A place containing "the brightest and the best"; probably those in line to run the country.
Scotty: Gosh, we are so bright, so attractive, and so athletic.
Lyn: I know, and I think I'm dating the future President.
by R. H. November 05, 2004