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Scottish and Celtic activities usually held in a park or fairgrounds. Competitors come from all over to compete in a variety of competitions, including highland dancing, scottish country dancing, the caber toss, sheepdog trials and other various sports. Guests are entertained by thousands of pipe bands and endless bagpipe music, and can enjoy authentic Scottish food, such as haggis, meatpies, and bangers (British hotdogs).
1. "Och aye, are ye going to the highland games this weekend?"
by tammy_k August 10, 2008
THe great games, up in inverness! Woohoo! Havenufink to do wif the almighty celtic and the sumwhat lesser ranger so get away wif ya!
"oi mate ya cummin up tae th highland games?"
by Cathy 13 September 04, 2005
Where people go to drink whisky and throw trees and hammers while others watch and also drink whisky
P1 - Are you competing in the highland games?
P2 - Yea, are you?
P1 - No
P2 - But dont forget the whisky
by Unknown726 February 04, 2009
In addition to the last definition-

Stength-atheletic activities focusing on brute force and muscle power as opposed to ultimate endurance.
Highland games rule, let's toss a caver.
by Gumba Gumba March 17, 2004
A post-soccer match event held in Scotland where one team calls themselves "Celtic", the other "rangers" and they beat the shit out of eachother.
Aye, ye goin' to celtic Vs rangers?
by Gumba Gumba March 15, 2004
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