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the act of getting completely blazed and then proceeding to log onto facebook and enjoy what it was originally intended for; commenting on stupid statuses, looking at your friend's stupid pictures and playing stupid farmville. But unlike normal facebooking, you don't feel like the seconds, minutes or hours you've spent wasting time you'll never get back are worth wanting to kill yourself over.

Warning: highbooking can cause you to feel really bad for people, including your closest friends and family members, who should be embarrassed by things they put on the internet.
Bro, remember last night when we toked up and then went on the computer and started highbooking?

Ya man, that shit was bomb.
by bumble_bey17 April 28, 2010
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V: The act of surfing facebook on your phone while stoned and not actually posting or interacting with anyone.
Zach's been on facebook for like 3 hours and he hasn't posted anything....he must be highbooking.
by Zachary Danegerous February 21, 2011
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