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Occurs during a point in the winter when it is too cold to leave the house and go out, so the solution is to just stay in and smoke weed.
Paul, are you coming out to the bars with us tonight?

No dude, it's been way too cold out lately. Highbernation has set in.
by Squabadeesh December 08, 2010
When a person retreats into solitary, hibernation-like state and smokes excessive amounts of cannabis, for an extended period of time. Often immediately after an unfortunately event has occurred or the person is celebrating something. Among University students this can happen when an important deadline is looming and the student in question is procrastinating and avoiding the situation.

This usually occurs in a bedroom or similar environment of comfort where the person is unlikely to be disturbed and generally only need to leave to use the bathroom.

If a supply of food and water is easily accessible, highbernation can go on for days - even weeks.
1. Sarah: "Where's Beth?"
Cat: "She's in her room, she's been in highbernation since Sunday"
Sarah: "Ah...I see"

2. Yazz: "As soon as my dissertation is handed in - I'm gona highbernate for a week"
Beth: "Good shout"

3. Adam: "Write your essay man - don't go into highbernation!"
by taylorb November 10, 2013
The act of taking that almost orgasmic nap after smoking marijuana, and when you wake up you feel so rested and relaxed that you could swear you've slept through winter
"Dude, what did you do last night after we blazed?"
"Oh ya know, I just went home ate some chips, watched some t.v., and then fell into a deep highbernation"
by Lean Nosirrah May 25, 2009
the act of buying a massive amount of weed to last you the whole winter and sit inside and smoke pot all day until spring comes around
Damn, i need to go buy some weed so i can go into a highbernation.
by Iliketoblaze December 31, 2010
Highbernation (n) The deep slumber in you fall into in various places and positions that you would never expect to find yourself in, because your fucking high.

Highbernate- (v) To fall ito a deep sleep after doing a bunch of doobage, and getting fucking high.
Stoner 1: Dude, hit this bong man.
Stoner 2: (Grunt) Snauff snurrt hoolger...
Stoner 3: This fool highbernatin', cause he's fucking high!

Narrator: Stoner 2 has fallen into his daily highbernation, because he's fucking high.
by TraviS DosseR June 17, 2010
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