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The UK equivalent of drugstore makeup ... aka cheaper, non-designer brands.
this high street bronzer is not that horrible
by riin December 30, 2012
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One half of the V.U.C (vermont united crips), the High Street chapter is equal in ferocity and ruthlessness only to the Locust Terrace Division, the V.U.C's second part. High Street Crips can be identified by their use of the color purple as well as blue. Connected to several high-profile shootings involving rival gangs, and known to use military-issue assault weapons such as the Russian AK-47 and the German MP5, as well as suppressors, something uncommon in gang warfare.Known to have killed over 250 people.
guy 1:Hey man, you see the blue flags on those niggaz? I didn't know that there were crips round here.
guy 2:Watch out for them high street crips, they'll shoot you soon as look at you, homes.
by High Till I Die August 23, 2007
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