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1.A mixture of rubbing alcohol and red pepper ect. that is to be placed in someones ass hole and/or on there balls ect.
2. The act of placing the mixture in said ass hole and/or on said balls ect.
1.Did you bring the high life?
2. Let's high life him.
by Judge dredd7 July 16, 2011
5 16
A person who hires a marine biologist to take care of his aquarium at home.
high life: pintoo 5 yrs from now
by Pintoo July 07, 2006
20 42
When a women does a hand stand and spreads her legs in the air, then a person comes along and shakes up a bottle of Miller High Life and shoves it into her vagina, uses her cervix as a bottle opener and cracks it open to poor the contents all up inside her... then shes tipped over and used like a human beer bong.
I just lived the High Life!!

We should drink some beers, find some bitches and live the high life!!
by Stinky.. Biatch April 04, 2006
33 98