The inebriated act of intercourse with a girl/guy completely out of (beneath)one's league.
"After four beers and a shot, Steve was ready for anything, even a highball with Big Bertha."
by T.Owens August 03, 2006
someone who is stoned, usually on pot.
That suse is a highball.
by Jason May 18, 2004
Some kind of illegal substance, which when you take it you'll get high of. Usually comes in the form of a pill...

I don't know for sure, but I think this term was coined in an episode of "Punk'd". Ashton Kutcher 4 EVA!!!!1
Cop: Dude, whad'ya take, HIGH BALLS???
Dude: hfhgggfhgjd
by zorpidus April 16, 2004

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