Under the influence of marijuana. Everything seems to slow down, and become better. Music seems much better, and you seem to understand it more. While high people may experience enhanced creativity and artistic skills. A high individual can still function, however he/she will not be crisp. Some people are able to drive as good as normal, because they are aware of the imparement, and are able to control themselves. A high can last from 40 minutes to several hours, depending on the quality, strain, and method of smoking(pipe, joint, blunt, bong, blades, lungs etc.) New users may experience a bad high, panic attacks, very red eyes, and coughing their heads off.
I got so high today, I felt like I was on a boat.
by Spliffy LongBlunt June 27, 2006
1. to be above normal ground level
2. to be up
1. the airplane flys high in the air
2. the future tense of: "i'm smoking weed"
by dionyses May 14, 2003
1. drug or alcohol intoxicated

2. a state of euphoria caused by drugs or alcohol
He pretended to be high when he arrived at the prison.
by Light Joker February 15, 2005
what happens when I eat mustard!!!
yummmm. mustard.
by mustard December 22, 2003
to become insane by sniffing things with fumes (ticonderoga pencils are loaded with fumes)
yup' i'm high and I like it
by Funky Chicken May 18, 2004
1) period of time after sniffing joints or markers, etc. 2) when someone is hyper/energetic
lol r u high? ur all giggly
by lost_azn_gurl May 27, 2005
do i look high?
by I\'m done September 29, 2003
To "get high" off of something means to feel especially good after doing something. That something might be algebra, some kind of drug, or perhaps a really good book. The high off of illegal drugs, though, is synthetic and is NOT a good high, as it brings your mood straight down after you get this high.

You might laugh at the slightest thing or feel free of worry. It depends on the individual, really.
Person 1: "Yo, do you want to get high off this new thing."
Person 2: "No, I'm not crazy like that. I get high off of good things that don't bring me down. Here's an awesome book." -hands person 1 a book-
by C.C. December 31, 2005

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