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adj. Stressful. Does not know when something is truely important. Small events cause stress to build until a breakdown happens. After a breakdown a short period of fatigue and low stress can be exhibited. Opposite of low strung
Tony: Damn, my Mom is freakin high strung as hell! She called me the anti-christ.
Matt: She needs to take a chill pill.
by def May 22, 2005
From the St. Sebastian's Renaissance Guild website:


When a bow is "high strung" it means that when the bow is strung the height of the string from the handle is over 6 inches. This made the bow fast to shoot but over-stressed the wood causing the bow to have a very short life. When a bow fails it tends to explode.

So a "high strung" person is quick to blow up. Quick to anger, etc
The high strung mall security guard told me he'd kick my ass if I tried to skateboard again.
by Mike D March 09, 2005
High Strung is one of the best movies of Steve Oederek.
It's about a paranoid, all-hating, pessimist that's about to die because of his attitude. A must-watch movie!
High Strung quotes:

Thane Furrows: I'd rather... be... DEAD!
Thane Furrows: Relationships? They shouldn't even call them relationships. They should have a more descriptive name: Painland.
Thane Furrows: Smokers. There's no excuse for smoking. Smoking is the equivalent to carrying around a salt lick, laced with a little bit of cyanide.
by gancheff March 22, 2007
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