In terms of motorcycles "High siding" is where a sliding bike's tires gets traction and flips. As you go hard into a turn instead of the bike slipping out under you it bites very hard and does sort of a lever action along its wheel base.
I broke the head on my bike when i high sided that turn last year. Lucky I didn't kill myself.
by blake April 30, 2004
Top Definition
The act of behaving in a manner abnormal to one's normal decorum, therein suggesting or implying superiority. See condescending.
Yesterday she was sweatin' me; now she's high siding since her girls are around.
by Osakwedagr8 August 03, 2009
When someone disses you, gets in your grill or is just an all around asshole to you.
Man, why you high sidin me? I didn't know she was your sister.
by Grouch April 19, 2004

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