A game for the ipod/iphone/ipad in which you fight, date, and collect "popularity." You can make "friends" too. This game is popular to adolescents and creepy old adults.
Girl: Wanna date me? :*
Boy: Sure but first you have to !@#$ me!
Girl: Oh baby I will ;) I love High School Hero!
by UDBEST June 20, 2010
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This is the guy/girl in high school who was "The Shit" in high school. We're talking captain of the football team or head cheerleader or all-state sports maniac or prom queen or whatever. This is the guy who made all the girls wet or the girl all the guys wanted to fuck. You know "Big Man/Woman on Campus." Ten Years Later, he or she is an alcoholic with 15 bastard brats and a part-time job that pays $6.50 an hour.
"High school heros" end up real life wastes of space.
by Silky Smooth March 08, 2004
a guy with a shitty job and no life in his twenties who dwells on how good his life was in high school
"I loved Taft High. I scored in every football game. Then I scored with the ladies!" -- typical high school hero quote
by Super Guy March 10, 2004
Someone who has graduated from high school but is still a legend at that high school. Everyone wishes he still went there and they always talked about the crazy shit he did. Usually, a high school hero was homecoming king, an athlete on the track, president of a club like DECA, and has a large tallywacker.
Man I miss Matt, he is a High School Hero
by JonnyManzelGF October 17, 2015

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