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The overwhelming feeling you get after the THC level in your body is greater than a 7ft tall nigga eating pie.
J.T. got so high nigga pie that he went out and bought a $40,000 boat.
by chrisdoesdallas March 22, 2005
"High nigga pie" means that you're really high.
"This dro gets me high nigga pie!"
by Allison January 24, 2005
when the man's got you down, and you're like gotta hit that blunt and once you all good, you know you high as a nigga pie
my car got towed during a huge snowstorm, so i had to light it up and let out a sigh...once the blunt was gone i was one high nigga pie
by GetHighOrDieTryin January 31, 2008
(highniggapie) add one nigga add 1 lbs of awesome bud add one apple pie and u get one high nigga pie
my day started makin some high nigga pie
by pinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiii January 14, 2012
roll a blunt then stick the blunt in your bong bowl. pack the chronic around teh blunt then spark it
pass around the bong with no need to spark it
when you get to the bottom you get huge hits from the resin of the blunt.

Yo nigga, spark that high nigga pie.
by niggan8 May 04, 2006
A few (three or more) black men or women smoking cocaine, marijuana, or acid who are getting very "high"
Hey Shorty I know you ain't drivin without no papers!
Yo, I got papers, blunts, buds, bongs, all dee ingredients to make a "High nigga pie"
by The dooznit March 06, 2005
who the fuck says this? why would you say this?
"im high nigga pie!"
you stupid fuck...
you're a tard if you say this expression... a big one. just say golly gee willikers, that marijuana cigarette got me loaded up! although that saying is very retarded, its not as retarded as "high nigga pie"
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