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According to one source on the internet hige refers to the creases across the top of the legs of vintage Levi jeans - usually the so called "big E" variety. It's like where the jeans bunch up when you sit down. However, I think it can also be used to refer to any person, place or thing that has a distressed, rather lived in look.

Damn. Laura is givin' some major hige today. Must be the drugs and that wild life she's livin'.
by T Wade October 17, 2005
49 17
It is Japanese and means mustache, beard, and whisker; it can be said that any hair on lower part of face (lower than eyes) to neck.

The word "HIGE" for vintage/vintage look jeans is derived from this Japanese word, hige because the HIGE looks like mustache.
"hige nobiteruyo" means "your mustache is growing"
by HIGE August 25, 2006
54 9
a chubby, happy-go-lucky wolf in the anime series Wolf's Rain. his main interests include food and women. as a human he appears to be about 18 years old has light brown hair and blue/red (amber) eyes, he wears a yellow hoodie over top a dark grey longsleeve shirt with sweatpants. in wolf form he has light brown fur with some lighter coloring on his face. he also wears a collar in both human and wolf form.
Hige: {talking to Kiba} "You're a strange one, all right. But having pride doesn't count for much if you're dead, you know?"
by MyChocolatefreak March 27, 2010
16 1
refers to the faded creases that form in well-worn jeans, at the top of the legs near the crotch area; the word "hige" translates to "whiskers"... and those creases are so-called because they look like the whiskers of the "kitty kat" in-between. (not trying to be vulgar, just explaining where the term came from!)
"those old jeans have great hige"
by christinesixteen June 18, 2008
16 4
A partner in crime, or one person of a pair who plan on assassinating others during math class.
Being a Hige , I need to find my other half and plot against a chosen victim
by Partner #1 April 11, 2008
9 25