a game that sexually frustrated, in-the-closet gay boys play.

Dennis: Hey man, my hands are full, can you grab my keys for me? They're in my pocket.

James: Sure dude.

Dennis: (smiles)

James: (reaches real deep into his pocket)

James: Hey! You don't have any keys in your pocket and how come your pockets have been cut out?
by tash and georgy November 12, 2006
Top Definition
fucking your girl so that your entire dick is engulfed in her cooch
I played hide the salami with Jane last night! She's a freak!
by Da Nastee One June 10, 2003
to have heterosexual intercourse as a man. Your penis is the salami, and it is hidden by inserting it into a woman's vagina.
If you could play one game for all 12 hours in a day, what would it be?

I'd play Hide The Salami. ;)
by desperado_gun February 21, 2010
A euphemism for homosexual intercourse.
I caught Ace playing hide the salami with Gary.
by Artie D. April 19, 2006
A game in which one individual takes a male sex organ or multiple sex organs and makes them disappear into any opening on their body.
1. "Dude i swear those two kids probably go to each others houses and play hide the salami".
2. "I am never going to that summer camp again, The camp counselor wanted to play hide the salami with me when we had circle time".
by AllThatRemains22 June 13, 2009
A tradition held by the Delt's Dream of Olivet College. The tradition consists of writing Hide the Salami! on white boards through college campuses.
Every morning all the white boards say Hide the Salami
by Wheelhorse189 October 16, 2009
The term "Hide the Salami" refers to sexual relations while other's are within the area of which these relations are taking place
Little John played hide the salami with Rian while Big John was present.
by Nace Boogy November 17, 2005
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