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During doggy style sex, a man picks his nose and secretly deposits the booger in the woman's belly button.
I totally left her a hidden treasure last night.
by kojokojo June 08, 2010
12 1
When a girl with a hairy pussy hides a yogo in her bush. Then then man has to find it without using his hands.
Bobby found hidden treasure inside of his mom's bush
by Chris D.L. June 06, 2007
5 6
When a man squeezes one out on a woman's chest and then sliding it under the woman's boobs
My boyfriend gave me a hidden treasure for the first time this morning!!
by elias gman January 26, 2007
2 6
When your pubic hairs are longer than your dick and you often have to search to find it.
brad martin was rummaging through his groin area when he found his hidden treasure (2.5 inches)
by g-sauce May 10, 2003
6 12