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A hipster into vintage clothing with a country flair, cowboy boots, trucker caps, thick indie frames, ironic mustaches, and things generally championed by the American South. See Kings of Leon.

A sometimes Wilco or "ironic" Lynryd Skynyrd listener, more often a collector of LP records by the likes of the Louvin Brothers, Lee Hazelwood and Johnny Cash. Hicksters proclaim Gram Parsons is God and claim the Byrds' album "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" as their musical Bible.
Hickster #1: Dude, I totally scored a few Lee Hazelwood rareities at Championship Vinyl the other day.
Hickster #2: Righteous. 'nother PBR?
#1: Of course. I actually drink it for the taste.
by flinty88 January 29, 2009
A person who is caught in an identity crisis between a hick/redneck and hipster.
Dan is a hickster because he wore his peacoat and argyle sweater while drinking PBR and deer hunting.
by Buffalo Booker March 12, 2015
Someone who dresses like a Hick or Redneck, but they really are not one. They just do it to fit in.
(Comes from the term Hipster)
Why is Darius wearing cowboy boots, ripped jeans, a camo sweatshirt and a camo hat. What a fucking hickster i mean isn't that bitch from Detroit?
by dimaggsa February 23, 2014
An individual who, unknowingly, looks like a hipster but is really a corn-husking hick. These individuals can be confused with typical hipsters because of their: two-toned greasy hair, hoggish attire, and use of unfortunate vocabulary.
Sonya: "Andi tries so hard to fit in with the hicks because she admires John Wayne, but sadly her attempt puts her right into the hickster stereotype. Pity."
Carmella: "Yeah that bitch need to brush her teeth."
by Bella Yonder July 08, 2011
A Hickster "Hick-stur" is a Redneck with modern flair. Most hickster's enjoy the finer things in life. they can combine fashion trends that no modern "hipster" or "Hick" could hope to achieve alone. Hickster's can usually be seen wearing a clothing kaleidoscope from such designers as Gap, Patagonia, Parana, Wrangler, Carhart, and a mixture of Wal-mart, and thrift store finds. Tight T-shirts with slogans on the back such as "the south will rise again, combined with designer jeans, and tennis shoes will give a Hickster away. usually a Hickster will adorn his outfit with a old leather cowboy hat, Velo cap, or beanie. Almost always all head covering will have trophy's from previous gatherings. beer bottle caps and fish hooks are a obvious choice. Hickster's phrases like "this ain't my first rodeo" are also tell tale signs you are talking to a Hickster.

Hicksters have unique living quarters as well. Almost always a Hickster will decorate with a combination of Rebal flags, Hippy style tapestries, the latest electronics, empty skoal cans, Greatfull Dead posters , Pipes, Bowls, Guns, and wood burning tools.

Adding a Hickster to your circle of friends can add fun times and epic stories to your otherwise normal boring lives. Hicksters almost always have stories ,and will most likely create new memories. Getting hammered drunk and doing anything you tell them to, or trying to complete difficult tasks while hammered are always a favorite of Hickster's
Wow, Wes can really pick up the chick's with the stories about his old Nova!

That guy has a Dixie Outfitters shirt on under his pea coat. He must be a Hickster.
by ridedierepeat December 24, 2010
hipster +hick a redneck who is "in the know" about NASCAR, big trucks, etc., anything associated with hicks
That guy in the Trans Am is a total hickster!
by aprildaisy March 15, 2008
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