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An Irish slang term used for one who invents words as a past time.
- She's a total mollox!
- What's a mollox?
- I made it up!
- Oh, so you're a Hickey, then?
- Yeh, pretty much!
by Kevosaurus-Rex August 11, 2008
46 170
A red mark on your (most preferably) skin that was formed after someone sucked your blood through your skin.

They say it's a mark of love (or lust, whichever you prefer) and mostly, possessive people do this to their (most preferably) partners in love (or lust).
Luke just placed a hickey on Leah after they had sex.
by Arson Calamari July 30, 2008
113 239
1.)the singer Toya's way of sayin MOney
2.) a mark left on the neck or any other body part from excessive, but pleasureful kissing.
1. "..he had a hickey in his pocket, big fat rock in his ear..." I do, Toya
2. PJ almost left a hickey on my neck, but we got in trouble.
by EvlBloodyMary April 01, 2003
79 235
very stupid way of saying 'love bite'
No Example Here . Just saying if you know what a love bite is, it sounds less stupid if you say 'love bite'.
by BadLieutenant September 12, 2004
98 256
Incongruous to the traditional defintion of a "love bite," term refers to the adolescent outrage of testosterone in a male,leading to a superhuman self-image associated with an unearned high ego, attributed to red hair and a purple car. This specimen enjoys absurd amounts of fifa, honey barbeque wings, collared shirts, saying "dude," pounding brews (and getting beaten in chugging by his girlfriend), listening to dave, and anything fundamentally related to being a "bro" from a well to do long island town. a jerk, a stud, a legend, the man himself, the Hickey.
CJ Tyrone Hickey is an ideal representative
by Tyrone Mandhandle March 01, 2007
51 210
hickey a person who is the shiznit. and cums on peoples faces
woah did you see him hes a hickey
by Mandieeee August 26, 2008
25 191
A raised bump, usually on the head. (Of Southern origin, most likely New Orleans, LA)
Joe walked into the wall and now he's got a big hickey on his forehead.

by Vjazz February 10, 2007
22 194